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These small group, growth focused meetings have been very popular. Find a location near you and join a like-minded group of professionals who are committed to making big things happen in their practices.

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Here is your chance to have a multi-million dollar producing chiropractor come to YOUR office and develop a Launch plan just for you.  

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To keep my coaching and courses personalized and intimate, I only open two courses at a time. Click on the courses tab in the header to see a list of all offered courses and when they will reopen.

Referral Mastery

$197.00 USD

Your monthly referral number is the most important statistic in your chiropractic practice…in fact, no other s...

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How to Fix a Struggling Practice Online Course

$995.00 USD

  6 Online Training Modules In How to Fix a Struggling practice these 6 modules below will be explaining to y...

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Coaching Programs

I run three LAUNCH based coaching programs. All designed to meet you where you are at. And then take you where you want to go.


ChiroLaunch Formula

6 monthly payments of $195.00 USD

Description: A coaching program for doctors, who are either just starting their chiropractic business or find themse...

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ChiroLaunch Lab

6 monthly payments of $295.00 USD

Description: A 6-month online coaching program for doctors who are no longer struggling in your practice, you have g...

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ChiroLaunch Academy

6 monthly payments of $395.00 USD

Description: A 6-month online coaching program for doctors who are killing it in their practice, but want to make a ...

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