to have a multi-million dollar producing chiropractor coach come to YOUR office to give you the step-by-step, personalized, strategic action plan that is designed to EXPLODE your practice this year.

 Are you ready to INCREASE YOUR PROFITS while working less and make running your practice EASIER? If that sounds a little crazy to you...





Welcome to the ChiroLaunch US Tour.  My mission is to travel around the country to share my passion and serve more chiropractors so that they can see more patients, make more money, and systemize their practice so life is EASIER. I’ve been in over 624 offices in the past 9 years and am opening up another 50 spaces for new doctors this year.


This means that pretty soon I could be right in YOUR region. It’s a great opportunity for you to have me come into YOUR office and sit down with you face-to-face and do a THOROUGH INITIAL PRACTICE EVALUATION.


I don’t do cookie cutter, Doc. I travel to your practice to discuss things with you like your stats, your capacity, your staff, your retention, your marketing, your office flow, and a lot MORE!





"He has given us an amazing plan that we can implement going forward to help our clinic take the next leap"



"His recommendations are always on point and valuable, he has the experience to back it up"



My strategies are all about building relationships with your clients and creating systems so you can get more done in less time, make more money, sleep well at night, spend more time with your family doing the things you love and make running an uber successful practice EASIER.


 Before I became the Chiropractic Business Growth Coach... I used to have a practice myself… 7 of them actually:


  • My main clinic grew a minimum of 15% each year for 10 consecutive years and reached the million dollar mark.


  • I was selected as the Official Chiropractor to the PGA Tour in 1999.  I worked with just about every professional golfer you have heard of (Yes, including him... but I didn’t know what was going on either). ;)


  • My second practice I bought from a struggling chiropractor who was seeing 40 OVs/week.  I opened a new practice for him and, through some very aggressive marketing, had him seeing 300 OVs/week within 4 months of opening.  


  • My third practice doubled in 4 months and tripled in 10 months.


  • My fourth practice was collecting 400K/year when I bought in as a partner and it collected 1.2 MIL the following year.


  • Office #5 was opened from scratch and saw 250 OVs in a week after just 8 months.

  • I was, teasingly, but affectionately, given the nickname “The Wolf” (any Pulp Fiction fans out there?) by my partners and associates for my ability to walk into a practice and immediately know what steps needed to be taken to produce immediate and impressive results.


Don’t worry, You DO NOT need to be a marketer or a salesman...


Launching a practice is more about applying a customized, strategic, step-by-step action plan that will systematically GROW your practice. Truth is, the one thing that causes most chiropractors to fail is the lack of ANY strategy at all (don’t let that be you!)


Having visited over 624 chiropractic offices all over the USA and having worked with lots of different types of doctors... I know that "one size fits all" does not work. The action plan I create is designed to work for YOU and YOUR personality... and in YOUR market.



"By the time he left, our entire team was on board and motivated to achieve the goals we as a team set." 



"His onsite evaluation was excellent and his coaching really has helped launch our chiropractic business to the next level"



And when you do finally embrace the power of a strategic Initial Practice Evaluation...


you’ll be equipped with the most individualized action plan that you can immediately apply into your practice.


After having successfully built practices of my own AND helping many other doctors do the same, I learned that the most valuable tool you can ever have (that also creates the highest profitability) is having a plan that is designed specifically for YOUR practice.


This evaluation goes way beyond theory


EVERYTHING you’re about to learn has been tried and tested on ground level in all of my multi-million dollar practices, then my clients' businesses, and is NOW AVAILABLE TO YOU. I personally have zero interest in learning anything that I can’t instantly apply into my life or business to start seeing immediate results. By the end of the Initial Practice Evaluation, you’ll be equipped to confidently implement a plan that will LAUNCH your practice into the success you’ve always wanted.


Apply your personalized action plan and instantly start transforming your practice, building stronger procedures, and welcoming more patients.


I’ve personally created 100’s of evaluations not only for my own practices, but for other doctors as well...

Normally, for you to get me out to your practice when I’m not on tour, there’d be a $995 fee plus travel expenses and ongoing coaching fees that would cost well into the $1,000s (I still do offer a high end 1:1 coaching. If you’re interested simply e-mail [email protected] and we’ll get you set up). 

You will pay only a fraction of that during my 2019 US Tour (see below).

In the Initial Practice Evaluation you’ll be getting exactly what you need to take immediate and actionable steps that are guaranteed to LAUNCH your practice (and keep it growing).


To make this decision super easy,

I’m throwing in over $1,294 of Bonuses


Bonus #1 (Motivation and Productivity Course)

The majority of chiropractors either fail or simply give up due to holes in their mindsets. We’ll start by “clearing off your mental desk”, eliminate energy robbers, create your personal success rituals, and streamline your inner game for friction-free focus.

Bonus #2 (Referral Mastery Course)

Referral Mastery is a 6-week course training you to turn your practice into a referral generating machine.


Instead of spending the year FRUSTRATED and trying to figure it out on your own...


Let’s meet face-to-face and create a personalized plan that gets your practice organized, systemized, attracting new clients, and growing like it has never grown before!


$295 ONE-time fee.

No that's not a misprint. That’s IT.

Limited Spots Available! 




And I GUARANTEE you'll LOVE the personalized action plan I create for you.

(See Guarantee Below)



Will This Help Me Get More Patients?


Oh yeaaaaa! Once you learn the building blocks and steps of designing a systemized and stabilized business, your practice will become your playground. Apply what you learn and what I share with you in your Initial Practice Evaluation to not only get more patients but to LAUNCH your practice to where you want it to be.




What If I’m Just Starting Out?


The sooner you have a personalized plan designed specifically for YOUR practice, the better. If you’re just starting or have been struggling to grow your practice, I’d highly recommend having an Initial Practice Evaluation so that we can keep the time between launching your business and getting new patients in the door as short as possible!


Do I Really Need a CUSTOMIZED Plan?


Here’s the catch with most coaches and consultants... it’s ALL the same generic plan, for every client. But the thing is, not every practice NEEDS the same thing - and that’s exactly why you need my Initial Practice Evaluation.


When I leave your practice, you get an individualized-to-your-practice plan that isn’t designed to grow your practice over the course of 2 or 3 years... It’s designed to grow your practice FAST!



 "Dr. Scott visited my office and ggave suggestions that have changed my practice tremendously"


"We noticed results in a matter of 2 weeks and won't look back"


Let’s LAUNCH Your Success!!!

Here is EVERYTHING you’ll be getting at your In-Office Initial Practice Evaluation...


A complete personalized plan you can start using immediately

(VALUE of $995)

Bonus #1 (Motivation and Productivity Course)

(VALUE of $297)

Bonus #2 (Referral Mastery Course) 

(VALUE of $997)


This is all backed by my 100% Money Back PLUS a Steak Dinner Guarantee!


If you don't love the personalized action plan I create for you and agree that this is the best $295 you've ever spent to grow your practice, I will refund 100% of your money back, and I'll buy you a $100 gift certificate at your favorite steakhouse.

AND you can keep the bonuses.



Total Value of $2,289







"Dr. Scott has already helped my practice immensely, and it's only been 2 weeks!"


"To anyone who is looking to improve their practice, we highly recommend working with Dr. Scott and Chirolaunch"



If you see the value in what a practice evaluation and personalized action plan can do for you and your business...




If you’re ready to...


  • Systemize your practice to insure consistent new patient flow and income, reduce stress, and make things easier.


  • Establish the best methods to retain your current patients, increase their loyalty to your practice, and make them buy MORE goods and services from you.


  • Increase your income, and more importantly your profitability, and make your practice “recession proof”.


  • Gain incredible LEVERAGE in all of your marketing and practice building activities so you can have more free time to do what you want.


Then have me visit your practice on my US Tour and join the 100’s of other doctors who are already using my customized plans to build a practice that not only makes them more money, but also makes a difference in the lives of more patients...


Or you can keep doing the same thing over and over... hoping for a different result. Choose wisely.


If you aren’t happy with the results my evaluation and plan gets you, I will give you your money back!


Let’s discover how to LAUNCH your practice and leverage your skills, staff, and  office to create the practice you’ve always wanted.




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