Choose a Different Set of Risks


If you tuned in last week Monday, your first thought probably was: “making a leap in my business feels chancy.”


The risks, in any situation, hit you as rather apparent, and may be quite threatening, but you must stack them up against the hidden risks you accept when you decide to live with the status quo.  


Ask yourself what you’re risking if you do not go for the leap. The risk is that you won’t get what you really want out of life.


You’ve got to understand that you can never escape risk. 

It’s not something you can decide to live with or without. Something is always at stake. You can only decide which risks to take.


Whether you choose to go for the leap, or to follow your usual routines, you are putting something on the line. 

So choose carefully, and don’t kid yourself with the idea that “playing it safe” by living with the  status quo gives you the best odds. That may be the surest way of losing.


Quantum leaps do mean that to some degree you must move beyond the zone of familiarity, security, and comfort. But you can make the jump to you without being reckless or impulsive. 


Frankly, making a leap is not mere gambling. It’s not a crapshoot. You simply move on an opportunity you’ve been ignoring. You abandon your excuses. You reframe the problem. You take a completely different chance. A quantum leap is risking in a way that unmasks the truth, revealing how the only thing of significance that has been standing in the way is you.


Risk believing in yourself. Risk acting on the assumption that you can succeed in making a quantum leap. Otherwise, the risk is that you will settle for only a fraction of what life has to give you.


This isn’t a case of taking a big chance; it’s a matter of giving yourself a big chance.


The major obstacle to overcoming the odds is never challenging them. Until you test the limits regarding what you can achieve, you can’t truly know what your chances really are. And the odds change in your favor when you begin to challenge them.


But if you try to minimize your vulnerability by avoiding a new set of risks, you kill your chances for a quantum leap.