Habit Gravity And Escape Velocity


Today I’m sharing a framework with you to help you build habits. 

This framework is called habit gravity and escape velocity and you can use it to boost your productivity and build better habits.

As people, we need to work to bridge the gap between the inner game and outer game of productivity.


The combo between eastern meditative thought, a state of awareness, and some western management theory, willpower is the combination of productivity we need to master. 


One of the most powerful states we can be in as a person is the state of awareness. 

It’s a rare state to get into and it takes a lot of practice removing ourselves from certain situations. Zooming out, away from ourselves, and seeing the situation from outside takes some work. Once mastered, awareness will let you see the next step, take the next step, and even see the steps you will take down the road towards your goals.


One of the most powerful energies in our lives is willpower.

As the state of awareness, tapping into our willpower is very rare too. The people we see that look like they have a lot of willpower really just got into a routine which is the best way to harness your willpower. Your willpower is affected by decision fatigue. 

Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to go to the gym after work or make a healthy dinner? You made so many decisions, big and small, throughout the day that by the end of the day, your habits kick in. Getting into a routine and building good habits when you are not fatigued by decisions is the best way to overcome a lack of willpower you think you have. 


This leads to the framework of habit gravity and escape velocity

It takes 30 days to change an old habit to a new habit. During that time you will experience energy shifts

During the first 10 days, you’ll be defying gravity- like the tiny shuttle on the rocket ship that gets the space ship off the ground


For the first 2 minutes of a spaceship liftoff, 87% of the total fuel of the journey is burned in the first 2 minutes just to defy gravity. 

Same with your habits. 

The first 10 days are the hardest in terms of exerting energy


Days 10 through 20 are where your old habits will die hard. 

You’ll feel the most resistance here. Your old habits are “natural” to you. Fight through resistance during this time 


On days 20 through 30, you will finally become acclimated. Your new habit will become more integrated in your life. 

You would have to make the decision NOT to go with your new habit. 


After those 30 days, your new habit will be set in stone. You can really only focus and put energy into changing 1 habit at a time, so take your new habits one step at a time. 


What habit will you be working on?