Mental Butterflies


The inner “Mental Butterflies” distract us and rob us of our productivity – and guess what- we could even be addicted to these distractions. 


This week we’re talking about “Mental Butterflies”


But first, how is your morning success routine going? It should be planned and put in place! 


What you’ll learn today: How chaos gets started in mind, emotions and body… and what YOU can do about it

The inner “Mental Butterflies” that distract us and rob us of our productivity – and why most people are butterfly ADDICTS (plus – how to tell if YOU are)

The secret relationship between multi-tasking and Mental Butterflies – and what you need to watch out for

A 3-minute exercise to identify your Mental Butterflies, what triggers them, and how to “tame” them


Chaos theory: a butterfly can flap its wings in Beijing and cause a storm in Kansas. AKA Little things can turn into big things down the line. 


What thoughts do you have that trigger a domino effect of thoughts? 

Thoughts can trigger emotion as well. Bad or good- this domino effect can halt your productivity. 

A lot of things can cause distractions and block your productivity such as the internet, your phone, a messy desk, even fidgeting. 


We need to be aware that we do this- get distracted or triggered and spiral. Awareness is where it starts. Even if you think you’re good at fighting distractions, it still happens. We are all susceptible to this. 


Multitasking is the worst culprit of mental butterflies. 


When you realize you got distracted- what happens to you? You realize you got distracted and you’re in a state of awareness. Teach yourself to do something to correct it at that moment. 


Exercise: Write a list of your mental butterflies: Mental, Physical, Emotional. 

What do you do subconsciously that distracts you? What emotions or thoughts trigger more and more thoughts? 


What is the one big butterfly that sets you off on a different path? 

Think about when that trigger is starting to distract you. Imagine that trigger and walk through what happens. See and explore how this big, main butterfly sends you down a different path. 


Let’s fix it: Visualize a different ending from that trigger. Rewrite what happens to condition your brain to think differently. See the trigger happening, visualize yourself not falling out of your productive state from this trigger, take a deep breath when that butterfly comes in, and refocus on your task.