New Patient Intake Readiness

coffee with dr. scott Aug 02, 2019

Is Your Chiropractic Practice Even Ready To Accept New Patients?

Coffee With Dr. Scott
Season 6: Episode 3 - New Patient Intake Readiness

Answer the question(s) of the day: How many pets do you have? What are they?

I will show you how to properly evaluate your staff attitude and training to make sure you aren't losing new patients without even knowing it.

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Where is Dr. Scott?
ChiroLaunch US Tour

August 7 - St. Louis, MO
August 8 - Nashville, TN
August 9 - Hunstville, AL

August 12 - Minneapolis, MN
August 14 - Providence, RI
August 15 - Boston, MA

August 20 - Northwest Arkansas
August 21 - Texas
August 22 - Louisiana

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