Are You Sabotaging Your Acceptance Rate?

Are You Sabotaging Your Acceptance Rate?

As a Chiropractor, it’s understandable that we’re eager and excited to be the solution to a patient’s pain. Often this leads to delivering our diagnosis and treatment plan quickly without taking time to think about the patient and where they’re at in their journey. To avoid sabotaging your acceptance rate, you’ll want to work on how you present information and treat the patient when they come in.

Case Presentation 

When we’re presenting information to a patient, it’s best to explain it in a way that makes sense to them. This means skipping unnecessary medical jargon to come across as “smarter” and help them understand on their level what you recommend. When you are able to present the diagnosis and treatment to your patient thoughtfully, not only are you showing the patient that you’re there for them, you’re making it easier for them to understand what they need, thus making them more likely to work with you.

Rushing the Process

If you’re not hitting 100% case acceptance, odds are you’re skipping steps. Yes, it’s important to move a patient along, but the key is not pushing or skipping crucial parts of their treatment journey. Something to keep in mind is that each patient is on a different part of the process and you’ll need to tailor your methods to fit these needs.

Forcing a “Yes”

The last thing you want to do as a Chiropractor is force a yes. As I've stated before, there are some methods to bring patients in “pre-sold” so you don’t have to metaphorically beg them to work with you. A big tip is to not come across as selling healthcare. Not only can patients sense when this happens, but it can affect how you view your patients and provide care. 


Think about when you go car shopping and a salesman comes out pretending to be your best friend. How does that make you feel? Odds are, you’ll leave the dealership feeling extremely uncomfortable. Car buying customers are familiar with this practice, but patients are not conditioned to be used to high-pressure environments when visiting their doctor.

 The Ultimate Fix

Nobody wants to sabotage their acceptance rate, especially when we have bills to pay and patients to take care of. The ultimate fix to building your acceptance rate back up is knowing how to take the patient process one step at a time, delivering diagnosis and treatment plan in a way that makes sense, and avoiding coming across as a salesman. Once you master these three techniques, you’ll wonder why your case acceptance ever dipped below 100%.


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