Dr. Scott's Favorite Taco Spots

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So let's start!



1. Taco del Sol Bozeman

Location: 35 W Main St Bozeman, Montana

Call +1 406-404-1350

The first Taco del Sol  opened in 1997 and was located on Higgins Ave. in downtown Missoula. Since then, it has expanded across Montana and eventually to other states through an entrepreneurial franchise program.   

Each Taco del Sol is locally owned and designed to integrate into the surrounding neighborhood.



2. Taco Mama

Location: Mountain Brook, Alabama

Call 205-453-8236

Travelling out West and to the Gulf Coast, they had seen those cool, hole-in-the-wall taco and burrito shops in California, Texas, and Florida; laid back, funky, fun taquerias with great tasting, fresh food, and a simple approach.

Who doesn’t like tacos, burritos and nachos?

To compliment the food, they wanted an extensive margarita menu, again with simple, fresh, straight forward ingredients but they had to be exceptional. That’s why they hand shake them to wake up the juices and serve them on the rocks.