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How YOU can become a
and shatter all of your old practice production  records

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Let Me Show You How To Stop Wasting Precious Time And Money on Expensive Chiropractic "Gurus" That Only Solve a Tiny Piece of the Practice Growth Puzzle and Start Using a Clear and Complete System That Actually Works.



STRESS-FREE conversion and retention strategies

Start using my patented and perfected PERFECT CASE ACCEPTANCE strategies to have patients accept ALL of your care recommendations.  Every time. 
Even if (especially if) you hate feeling like a salesman.



REFERRAL-IZE Your Chiropractic Practice

Get these 6 Referral Essence Components right and you will literally turn your practice in to a referral generating machine.  Which will make any external marketing you do three times more effective.


Start WINNING by building a winning TEAM

Use our TEAM Development system to turn your mediocre staff in to a well trained and motivated TEAM that will drive growth for you.  Even when you are not there!


Build a practice that is SCALABLE and responsive to your growth efforts

Learn how to locate and remove all of the obstacles to growth allowing you to hit the goals you set for your practice and finally take home the profit you deserve.

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The High Performance Chiropractic Coaching Group is different than the other programs you have tried.

There is a dirty secret in our industry.  Most coaches just try to overwhelm you with content so they can blame you for not implementing when it doesn't work.

I have traveled the country for the past 12 years studying the habits and systems of High Performance Chiropractic offices.   When you join this coaching group, I am going to weed out all of the garbage other coaches and consultants are teaching and just give you the "What's Working Now".

You will learn the strategies that build BIG but also LOW STRESS practices.  We will build sustainable growth, not the high churn and burn, marketing heavy practices that are so prevalent today.

Success Stories

Dr. Paul, D.C.

Nothing could have prepared me for the relatively instant growth I received after two months of coaching with Dr. Scott. I doubled my collections two months after starting with him, and it looks like I'll be hitting that level again this month. I'm shocked and very pleased at the speed with which his input has boosted my practice. All without changing anything about my core philosophy or principles. And without adding a ton of work or procedures. Just a few simple tweaks, and BAM, double the money. I'm beyond thrilled, and I look forward to maintaining this level for months and years to come. Thank you, Dr. Scott!"

Dr. Keith H., D.C.

What an amazing opportunity to have met you for both my office AND personal growth.  The stream-lining you recommended for my procedures just on the first visit and consultation alone were worth your fee.  I greatly appreciate your ability to stick to exactly what you said you would do by keeping it simple and to the point. It has only been a month since we started working together and again you were dead on what you projected would happen if I made a few simple changes...I'm working less and making more!... AND still giving quality care to my patients.  I can't wait to see where we are in 6 months. It is refreshing to do business with somebody whose head and heart are in the right spot and not just trying to stick there hands in my pocket.  

After this program you will finally feel like you have control of your practice instead of your practice controlling you

  • My clients are amazed at how quickly their conversion and retention statistics improve and always share that they still feel "comfortable" because we aren't using those high confront sales techniques. 
  • When more than half of your new patients are coming from direct new patient referrals without you having to ask for them, the doctor-patient power structure completely changes.  You won't have to worry about where your next new patient is coming from ever again.
  • Imagine having a TEAM working with you that cares as much about the health of the practice as you do.  Never having to feel like you are "pulling teeth" to get them to complete their daily tasks.
  • Finally end your NON-RESPONSIVE PRACTICE SYNDROME.  See growth happen as a direct result of your efforts and reap the rewards

Hi.  I am Dr. Scott...

I have been studying High Performance Chiropractors for 24 years.

That constant desire to learn and implement success strategies helped me to grow my chiropractic business to seven practices employing 15 doctors and 72 total TEAM members.  Before I sold them, we collected 6.5 million dollars annually.

I immediately (and accidentally - ask me about that someday) entered the world of coaching and consulting and started sharing these High Performance Growth secrets with my clients.

And guess what . . .  they GREW!

So I have spent the past 12 years continuing that study as I traveled through 46 states and worked in-office with over 800 chiropractors.

My focus has always been on the times when practices grew quickly and launched from one level to the next.

I have learned what works and I want to share it with you.  Without all the fluff.

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What My Clients Say

Mick McConnell

Dr. Scott does a great job of looking at your practice and giving you steps to focus on. Had him visit last year and having him back again this year. Highly recommended!

Tony B.,  D.C.

I started working with Scott about 5 years ago. I was stuck in my practice. We were doing half a million dollars, we're triple that now and I just acquired my second practice. The guy has always done really great work. He comes in and really work with your style of practice and really just simplifies everything for you, and your staff.

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  • Receiving personalized feedback and support from a coach with that kind of experience on our 2 weekly group calls.

  • Having clear, specific steps to take to grow YOUR practice. Not just learning the one way a coach grew theirs.

  • Having someone to hold you accountable to your specific goals.  Getting personal attention at group coaching prices.



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What's Included


#1- You will have SIX FULL MONTHS of access to the ENTIRE High Performance Chiropractor online course library

I am holding nothing back.  I am even adding in some courses I have only offered to my 1 on 1 clients who pay a very hefty fee for my time and expertise. 

#2- 30 minute strategy call to help me best guide you to your goals

Every practice is different and every doctor has different goals.  Even though this is a group coaching program, I will never forget that.  We will work specifically towards what you want out of your practice and life.

#2- TWO Group Calls Each Week 

Wait.  What?  Two?!?!
That's right! Two opportunities each week to get all of your pressing practice growth questions answered. I am committed to helping my clients grow and earn the profit they deserve.

#4- Access to our private Facebook group where you and all the other High Performance Chiropractors will share your strategies and your wins

This is where the practice growth magic happens.  Being in this group alone will be worth the entire cost of the program.  

The Result? 

An individualized plan for GUARANTEED GROWTH

With access to the tools and strategies that helped hundreds of other chiropractors jump to the next level quickly.

The Result? 

An individualized plan for GUARANTEED GROWTH

With access to the tools and strategies that helped hundreds of other chiropractors jump to the next level quickly.

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Rick Thompson DC Caccp

I really like the way Dr. Scott points out things, some things so simple you ask yourself, why didn’t I see that! He also makes you feel comfortable about facing the good, the bad and the ugly things in your practice...

Nathan Heimgartner

I’ve been working with Dr. Scott for about 3 months so far and I’ve already seen a steady increase of patients visits. Interestingly enough, with the systems we’ve implemented.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time
  • You want your next steps personalized and strategically planned
  • You're overwhelmed by doing this on your own and wish you had someone to bounce ideas off
  • You find yourself paralyzed with too many choices of what to do next
  • You are frustrated that your practice won't grow even when you try to push it

Not for you if:

  • You're an excuse maker
  • You aren't willing to take advice and be coachable
  • You can't invest in yourself and your success
  • You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to move your chiropractic business to the next level
  • You want to keep procrastinating, being unproductive and staying at your current production level
I'm Ready

Here are all the courses you get access to

These courses were perfectly designed and created to work together synergistically.  Creating a low stress, high profit practice.

We will be working on each course in 6 week cycles.  With a call each week going over that week's module and a wrap up call at the end of every 6 weeks.

How to get all of your patients to accept your care recommendations.  Every Time.  All The Time.

There is no other way to say it.... My clients LOVE this course.  They tell me it is SO different than all the scripts and sales tactics they have been taught in the past and that they can visibly see their patients relax and they get much better acceptance when they use these strategies. 

There is a place for external marketing.  There is a place for Referrals.

There is no place for external marketing without a referral generation strategy in place.  After we go through this course and you implement the strategies, you will have a flood of referral patients coming in to the practice.  Making your external marketing efforts MUCH more effective.

It's time to change the staff dynamics on chiropractic practices

No more constant frustration with your mediocre slacker staff.  We are going to attract and develop true TEAM members with an ownership mentality who care as much about your practice as you do.

No one else is teaching this

Early in my coaching career I got a reputation as "the capacity guy".  My onsite visits focused almost exclusively on locating and removing blockages to growth in a practices staff, space, equipment or Dr. Speed.  Now I am going to teach you how to find them and remove them yourself at a fraction of the cost of flying me in to your practice.

They are back!!!!
Regional Masterminds

When you sign up for High Performance Chiropractor Group Coaching you also get to attend one (or all) of the Regional Masterminds we have planned for next year.

You will hear me talk about them in the online courses and by far the biggest request I hear most often from clients is to bring these back.  So here they are!

Complete with the very popular and transformational HOT SEAT sessions.

Did you catch what I said above?  You can come to one, two, three, four, five or (if you are REALLY motivated) all six of these events. 

I desperately want to offer these regional events live and in person but for obvious reasons reserve the right to offer them virtually if the current travel climate does not change.

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The Ultimate group coaching program for chiropractors.

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High Performance Chiropractor Clients now have the opportunity to have ME visit their practice

These visits are incredibly transformational.

I have done over 30 onsite consultations each year for the past 12 years.  I am only offering 12 dates in 2023 and only offering them to HPC clients.  Want more info on these visits, just ask.  

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Derrick Hendricks

What I appreciated about Dr. Scott's visit to our office is first it's not a cookie cutter approach.  His recommendations were specific to our needs.  The other big thing was by the time he left our entire team was on board and motivated to achieve the goals we as a team set.

Ron McMorris

Dr. Scott visited my office and gave suggestions that have changed my practice tremendously. Not only in the value my company now brings, but in the sanity he helped me gain by streamlining my clinic. Now, I enjoy my weekends instead of feeling run down. The value he brought to my clinic can’t hold a price tag. Thank you Dr. Scott for giving us the tools you’ve given.

And oh my do we have BONUSES

This is the "But wait.... there's more" section of this page.  😂

But seriously each of these bonuses has tremendous value to the growth of your practice and have proven to be critical to my clients' success.



TWO Mystery Patient Calls

Just like large retail businesses have MYSTERY SHOPPERS, two times during your first 6 months in the program my TEAM will randomly call your office to make a new patient appointment.  Evaluating your staff in their ability to handle new patient phone calls and to reach through the phone to bring that patient in. Each call will be recorded and graded and sent to you to train the staff at the next TEAM meeting.  These will also be discussed discreetly on group calls so every office can learn from other success and others


TWO Case Presentation Critiques

You say report of findings, I say tomato. :)

Either way, you will send me two HIPAA compliant recordings of your 1st and 2nd visits with a new patient and I will listen to them and provide individualized feedback on how you can improve conversion and retention.  This, along with your staff report cards,  will provide invaluable feedback and be huge steps towards you getting Perfect Case Acceptance.


Mind Your Money

Within a few short months, you are going to have extra money coming in to the practice so I am going to show you how to take better care of it.  It's not how much you make, it is how much you take home.  This course I am actually remaking with new information and will be LIVE over the course of 8 weeks. 


High Performance Habits

You will have access to my highly attended Morning Routine series which I run every January as well as my Motivation and Productivity Course.  I also have a few High Performance Habit secrets I will be revealing during the program.


Instagram Marketing

Although you might already have enough new patients coming in just through direct patient referrals, I have arranged for the top chiropractic Instagram expert to do TWO live sessions for High Performance Chiropractor clients.  These sessions will show you how to get new patients directly from Instagram in less than 10 minutes a day.  And we will turn those in to even more patient referrals.


Prepare to Launch

My most popular public offering every year.  This 6 week session shows you what you need to do first to prepare your practice for the growth that you want.  The timing couldn't be better as I typically present this session in November and December as that is the best time to step back and look at your practice critically and prepare to take full advantage of the natural growth that comes January through May.


Making Associates Work

You might not think you want an associate now (or maybe you do), but after a few months using these strategies you are probably going to need one.  I have got you covered with this program that shows you how to handle them properly and make them profitable month one.

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High Performance Chiropractor Group Coaching


One Time Investment

  • Six months access to the entire HPC Library
  • One 30 minute individualized strategy call 
  • 2 Group Coaching Calls each week
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • One ticket to a Regional Mastermind of your choosing
  • 20% discount on office onsite visit fee
  • All the bonuses mentioned above

High Performance Chiropractor Group Coaching


6 Monthly Payments

  • Six months access to the entire HPC Library
  • One 30 minute individualized strategy call 
  • 2 Group Coaching Calls each week
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • One ticket to a Regional Mastermind of your choosing
  • Opportunity to schedule an office onsite visit
  • All the bonuses mentioned above


I am SO confident you are going to love this program and the way I set it up for you that I am willing to 100% guarantee it. 

If FOR ANY REASON during the first 60 days of the program you are not thrilled with the content or the personal attention you are getting or the extra money you are making, just reach out and I will refund every penny you have paid me.  No questions asked.