Referral Mastery

Your monthly referral number is the most important statistic in your chiropractic practice…in fact, no other statistic even matters. Avoid the roller coaster ride by building a practice that sustains itself and continues to fill the practice to capacity…naturally.

The solution is to master the fine art of generating referrals in your practice consistently and predictably.

Through many years of consulting, and several years of building my own highly successful practice, I've helped Docs all across the country build their practices through solid referral generation strategies. And now I've taken all of that and built this course which includes:

  • Lifetime access 
  • 6 modules of video lessons
  • Daily feedback from Dr. Scott in the comments section
  • 100% money back guarantee

As part of this Pre-Launch, you will also receive access to:

  • 6 live coaching calls with Dr. Scott
  • Private Referral Mastery Facebook group

This offer is only available until May 18th at Midnight. After Pre-Launch, the price on this course goes up to $995, so don't wait. Grab this course today.


"The 4 videos in Referral Mastery module 3 are brilliant. They are worth thousands of dollars on their own. I am going to watch them again several times and my staff and associate are going to do the same. This will no doubt change the practice for the better and create exactly what I have been trying to accomplish for the last two years. I can't wait to share the positive changes it makes, not only for me and my staff but also for the patients and community. I felt like you were talking to me directly. Hyper convenience is going to be plastered all over my office along with seek failure. This is exactly what I have needed...the challenge has been accepted and I want you to hold me to it!! Thanks Scott."

-Dr. JP, Illinois

"The natural drift from consumerism to practicism was very enlightening. I guess we can only coast one way; down hill! The focus on the analytics of practice, referrals especially, was outstanding. We have never kept number of monthly referrals as a statistic in practice. That changed today! We went back to the beginning of the year so we could get a proper assessment. Great stuff Dr. Scott."

-Dr. BH, Alabama

"What a great course! Thanks so much for putting this together. It is a simple, yet powerful course that anyone can implement and benefit from no matter what type of practice. The chiro lab program is next for me! Thanks so much Dr Scott!"

-Dr. RT, Nebraska