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ChiroLaunch Lab


A 6-month online coaching program for doctors who are either just starting their chiropractic business, they are finding themselves struggling in practice because they never really got their practice off the ground, or they used to be successful. This program is about learning the basics or getting back to the basics and is guaranteed to help you stop any current decline in your practice and start growing your practice to a comfortable level. This is a 6-month program beginning January 2nd, running to the end of June, 2017.

What you get with this Lab: 

  • Weekly videos (2-3) per week – at least one LIVE and interactive video – all recorded and uploaded to your membership site.
  • Personal Interaction - weekly interaction and exclusive access to Dr. Scott.
  • Regional Mastermind - You will recieve access within one of 6 regions to get a chance to sit in the "hot seat" and have the rest of the group “help” you with your business. $995
  • Access to the following Courses: 
    1. Lanch Prep - 6 week program running from Thanksgiving designed to help you Launch in the New Year. $95
    2. Motivation and Productivity - An ongoing coursebeing developed with Dr. Scotts tips on how to get more done in less time. $495
    3. Referral Mastery - 8 module course designed to show you how to master all elements of intenal preactice referrals. $995
    4. 100% Case Acceptance - 8 module course designed to help you develop the perfect case presentation for YOU. $995
    5. TEAM Development System - 7 module course designed to give your team ownership mentality, so in turn, they help you grow your practice. $1495