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An Initial Practice Evaluation Can

Double Your Income


Are You Ready to Make the Best Decision You Could Ever Make for Your Chiropractic Business?

An in-practice evaluation that gives you a step-by-steppersonalizedstrategic action plan that's designed to launch your Chiropractic practice, and launch it FAST!

Here's the Catch with Most Coaches and Consultants...

It's all the same generic plan, for every client.

Are you done? Done with cookie cutter coaches and consultants who get you on the phone once then email you their boiler plate plan for growing your practice?

You should be! Not every practice needs the same thing, and that's exactly why you need my Initial Practice Evaluation.

I don't do cookie cutter, Doc. I travel to your practice, discuss things with you like your stats, marketing, budget, and a lot more.

And when I leave, you get an individualized-to-your-practice plan that isn't designed to grow your practice in 9, 12 or 15's designed to grow your practice FAST! But don't take it from me, check out what others have to say about it below...

"I am so glad I hired Dr. Scott Dorrity last year! His onsite evaluation was excellent and his coaching really has helped launch our chiropractic business to the next level. Better yet his coaching has been very individualized to our specific needs, and he is accessible when I have questions or concerns. I highly recommend his services!"

Mark Lindholm

"What I appreciated about Dr Scott’s visit to our office is first it’s not a cookie approach. His recommendations were specific to our needs. The other big thing was by the time he left our entire team was on board and motivated to achieve the goals we as a team set."

Derrick Hendricks

"Dr Scott visited my office and gave suggestions that have changed my practice tremendously. Not only in the value my company now brings, but in the sanity he helped me gain by streamlining my clinic. Now, I enjoy my weekends instead of feeling run down. The value he brought to my clinic can't hold a price tag. Thank you Dr. Scott for giving us the tools you've given."

Ron McMorris

So What's This Gonna Cost Me??

Most consultants and coaches charge upwards of $1,000 for this type of evaluation. Not me. $ time fee. No, that's not a misprint. That's it.

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